What We’re Looking for in Writers for Faithfully Magazine and How to Become Published

Do you have a unique piece or op-ed you’d want faithfullymagazine.com to consider publishing? Writers for Faithfully Magazine Continue reading to find out how to publish.

What We Do and Who We Are

A news and cultural magazine called Faithfully Magazine has a particular emphasis on Christianity. Although we offer a wide range of content, our main interests are the problems, discussions, and occasions that Christians of color think are crucial to their faith and to their lives.

Publications like The Federalist, The Christian Post, Religion News Service, Missio Alliance, WNYC, and Fortune Magazine’s “Race Ahead” Newsletter have cited our articles. Other publications that have done so include The Washington Post, Vulture, Religion Dispatches, Christianity Today, The Washington Post, The Federalist, and The Washington Post.


Depending on the originality, breadth of reporting, and thoroughness of analysis of pieces approved for publication, we pay up to $300 USD. We collaborate with new writers, but due to time constraints, we can only deal with authors whose clips demonstrate a mastery of their trade.

Writers for Faithfully Magazine Pitching

Please don’t submit us a finished article draft; instead, pitch us your idea. Submissions that omit this condition may be reject.

Writers for Faithfully Magazine

You must include a brief bio about yourself and your relevant experience, links to, or attachments of, 2-3 previously published articles, as well as your most pertinent social media profiles.Writers for Faithfully Magazine Your pitch should state what you want to write about, anticipated length, why it’s worthwhile, who you would interview (if necessary), and your qualifications as the writer.

We regretfully cannot respond to every pitch. Within three days, if we not got back to you, you may be sure that we reject your pitch.

Sometimes, submissions that don’t adhere to the publication’s editorial guidelines


The categories of articles we take into account for publication are list below.

These in-depth articles have the following characteristics: a distinctive or captivating standpoint, gripping storytelling, and valuable information. Features can cover any subject, occasion, fad, figure/group, etc. as long as they have a Christian perspective. We spend the greatest money—$300—on these particular items. Various word lengths

Opinion and Analysis: These articles, which are frequently write in “simple language” by subject-matter experts and reflect thorough study, give specific perspectives on a well-known or important topic, back up by substantial evidence as well as helpful analysis. Writers for Faithfully Magazine The typical article is between 1000 and 1200 words long. These articles cost us between $100 and $150.

Commentaries: These assessment articles and individual expositions (not equivalent to “Assessment and Examination”) may fall in our “Motivation” segment and by and large incorporate convenient social/diversion, social, or political critique, with a confidence point. We pay $75 for discourses that are elegantly compose and ideal. Length fluctuates.

Writers for Faithfully Magazine

News Condensation and Patterns: We distribute everyday reports and pattern articles that are probably going to be the discussion of the day (or week). These are normally investigate and summed up articles (revises) pulled from different sources that fall between 400-500 words. We pay a dime/word for these speedy entries.

Sagacious back and forth discussions: These meetings are with newsworthy, powerful and additionally very much educated people. A Christian point isn’t generally 100% a component of these back and forth discussions, however by and large it is. These meetings ought to be substantial, yet all the same not long. Installment differs.

Profiles: Our “Profiled” segment incorporates semi-personal portrayals featuring the prominent work, achievements, or declaration of a living Christian person. Word length is 500-800 words for these motivating articles that typically require a short meeting with the subject. Installment shifts.

Verifiable Memoirs: Our “Recall” segment is about only that — recollecting the commitments of authentic Christian figures (typically Christians of variety; or on the other hand Christians who contributed extraordinarily to the headway or prosperity of ethnic minorities). These exploration based articles are 500-800 words in length. Installment differs.


Draft submissions, assuming pitches are accept, must be well-written, interesting, and devoid of plagiarism and grammatical errors. All approved content will be edit for clarity, correctness, house style, and SEO where appropriate, despite the fact that authors are encourag to self-edit their entries. Where possible, writers must use hyperlinking to cite sources with URLs.

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