Nanny Jobs in Dubai 2024

Nanny Jobs in DubaiNanny jobs are available in Dubai on Apply to Babysitter/nanny, Housekeeper, Caregiver, and more!

Nanny Jobs in Dubai 2024

Nanny for a European Family

AED 2,000 – 3,999 per month

Job Details:

We are looking for a Nanny to join our team and provide excellent childcare to our client’s families.
As a Nanny, you’ll take care of children, keep them safe and clean, plan meals for them, and organize creative and educational activities based on their age.


Organize creative activities and educational games (e.g. drawing, crafting, and puppet games)
Prepare children’s meals and feed them (including bottle-feeding for babies)
Change diapers and bathe infants
Help older children wash up and take baths
Schedule nap times
Teach children appropriate social behaviors, such as being respectful to each other and helping out with chores
Transport children to and from school and extracurricular activities
Tidy up play areas and children’s rooms.

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Helper Nanny Jobs in Dubai

AED 1,999 per month

Job Details
I am looking for a nanny helper, aged 30-40 years old, preferably from the Philippines. The area is Discovery Gardens, live out. I have a daughter of 2,5 years, she goes to the Nursery. So, my main duties: were to help me with housekeeping and with my daughter.
Please contact me by WhatsApp at +971524129452.


Personal Assistant Nanny Jobs in Dubai

Job Details:

Hello, we are looking for a person to be a personal assistant for our family to help us with family tasks and help with our kids as well as assisting with our businesses.

Ability to run errands and take directions in helping manage family matters. Computer skills are also desired.

A driver’s license is helpful.

Salary and benefits provided.

Career Level





Health Insurance
Company Visa

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Governess Nanny Jobs in Dubai

Salary: Negotiable

Job Details
Full-time English-speaking Nanny/Governess required

Nanny Jobs in Dubai

A lovely family based in dubai is looking for an experienced English-speaking Nanny/Governess to work.
As a Nanny you will be responsible for ensuring the child’s well-being, assisting with his daily activities and routines, and creating a nurturing and stimulating environment. You will have a good understanding of child development and plan age-appropriate activities to support all aspects of his development.

Responsibilities and duties will include getting up and ready for school, ensuring the child takes his medication each morning, at the same time ensuring the family pets are catered to and transported to doggie daycare, preparing meals, ensuring good hygiene, dressing, school pick up and escorting to after school activities.

Nanny Jobs in Dubai

You will be required to travel with the family and assist in ensuring a smooth experience.

The ideal candidate will be a hard working motivated Nanny looking to excel in their career. The family seeks a candidate who is very hard-working but maintains privacy. It is of the utmost importance to be a problem solver, eager to volunteer even when not asked, and to be prepared with creative solutions.

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Housemaid Nanny Jobs in Dubai

AED 2,000 – 3,999 per month

Job Details
We are looking to hire a hard-working and trustworthy maid to perform various cleaning duties as required by our clients. The maid’s responsibilities include replacing dirty linen and towels, sweeping driveways and walkways, as well as washing, drying, and putting away dishes.
Maid Responsibilities:
Keeping carpets and rugs clean and odor-free by shampooing, vacuuming, and applying deodorizers as needed.
Sweeping, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming to remove dirt, debris, and dust from floors and other surfaces.
Washing windows and walls as well as polishing woodwork as needed.
Scrubbing toilets, showers, baths, and bathroom sinks and removing mildew buildup and mold from various surfaces.

Nanny Jobs in Dubai

Nanny Jobs in Dubai

Wiping down kitchen appliances, equipment, and counters to remove dirt, grease, and grime.
Regularly emptying wastebaskets and disposing of all rubbish.
Washing, drying, and folding bedding and towels.

Exceptional cleaning and customer service skills.
Physically fit and detail-oriented.

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Babysitter Nanny Jobs in Dubai

AED 2,000 – 3,999 per month

Job Details
Nanny duties include:

Maintaining a tidy appearance, including well-groomed hair, a clean uniform, and a visible name tag consistently.
Keeping the children’s playground orderly and clean.
We are utilizing a vacuum cleaner, sweeping, and mopping the floor regularly.
Arranging toys and games in the playroom and ensuring their proper organization.
Recording any damage to toys meticulously and setting aside broken items.
Conducting bi-hourly disinfection procedures.
Ensuring the continuous safety of children by identifying and mitigating potential hazards.
Accurately recording the entry and exit times of children from the playground.
Engaging with each child during playtime fosters interest in proposed activities.
Vigilantly monitoring children’s behavior to prevent conflicts or pranks.
Proposing new activities, subject to management approval.

Nanny Jobs in Dubai

Ensuring that customers consistently review the playground rules and providing verbal announcements of key guidelines, including:
Admission for children is permissible only with socks or suitable replacement shoes.
Parents are responsible for ensuring their child has used the toilet before entering, as staff cannot assist with this.
Mandatory hand sanitization is required at the entrance.
Payment is to be settled upon exiting the playground, with both cash and non-cash options available.

Taking the following steps during customer check-in:
Ensuring customers sanitize their hands upon check-out
Completing the payment process.
Offering a sticker to the child.
Adhering to all designated fire safety protocols.

Essential: a minimum of a high school diploma
Preferred: Possession of a degree in education

Skills and Competencies
Exceptional interpersonal skills
Capacity to engage with children of varying ages and temperaments.
Strong problem-solving abilities.

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Childcare Assistant Nanny Jobs in Dubai

Job Details
We are looking for kind and motivated people to work as childcare assistants (daycare workers) on our team. To provide the kids in their care with a secure and engaging environment, the childcare worker will be essential.

Job Role:
The role involves providing high-quality daycare care to children, ensuring their safety and well-being, and engaging them in age-appropriate activities.

High school diploma or equivalent. Early Childhood Education certification is a plus.
Previous experience in childcare or a daycare setting is advantageous.
Knowledge of child development principles and best practices.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
If you are passionate about working with children, have excellent communication skills, and are dedicated to their well-being.

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Autism Support Nanny Jobs in Dubai

Job Details

Personal Care and Safety:
Assist with daily personal care routines, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.
Ensure the safety of the child by creating a secure and sensory-friendly environment.

Behavioral Support:
Implement behavior management strategies
Develop and maintain a consistent daily routine to provide structure and predictability.

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT):
Support and reinforce speech and language exercises.
Use communication tools such as visual schedules, AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), or other aids as advised.
Foster communication and social interaction through structured play and conversation.

Nanny Jobs in Dubai

Prior experience working with children with autism.
Certification in relevant fields such as special education, occupational therapy, or speech and language pathology is a plus.
Strong communication and collaboration skills.
Patience, empathy, and a genuine interest in the well-being of the child.

Live in.
Work schedule: Monday to Saturday, 7 am to 9 pm, 2 hour break
One month off after every 2 years with salary and air ticket to home country.
AED 3000 per month+housing+food+toiletries+visa+medical
Must be willing to travel with the family during vacation.

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